Welcome to your connection destination.

Relatable real talk, courageous conversations and simply sweet take aways for you to feel more connected 


Calling all connectors!

Whether you are looking to build community online, in-person connections or genuine friendships-this podcast is for YOU! 

Because connection and community mean different things for all of us, right? 

I will guide you in discovering what connection means for YOU and then give you the tools to take imperfect action to start creating empowering connections in your life, work and community.


Connection is what I'm all about. 

Hey friend, I'm Katie Kurtz, connection expert and your guide to help you feel more connected.

I have spent the last 12+ years exploring, honing and embracing my gift as a connector. 

I have developed a proven blueprint, heart centered methods and easy to use tools to build authentic connection among womxn and I want to share them with YOU! 


Inspiration on tap

Whether you are eager to start building your own community or to be a part of something bigger than yourself, we've got something for everyone!

Real Takeaways 

Connection & community means something different for everyone. I will help you break it down with real life takeaways & tools to support your work as a connector

Me Too Moments

Courageous conversations full of real talk, vulnerability and life lessons with myself and like hearted guests will leave you saying, "me too!" 


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